From the Bay of Fangs

After centuries of struggle, the City of Fenblith discovered the world’s largest deposit of Starsteel, the only thing that can kill the Dark Ones’ Beasts. Creating the Hunters of Fenblith, the city began to actively hunt and kill the Beasts, rather than merely fend them off like the rest of the global network. Over time, the Hunters began taking their services to other settlements and towns, aiding them in finally ridding themselves of the Beasts. Their work is not done and might not ever be, but the Hunters' progress towards the salvation of humanity needs to be celebrated.


Thus, the Council of Fenblith commisioned storyteller Peter Shillard, musician Jay Homestead, and illustrator Lou Harrison to record and illustrate some of the most striking reports in the Hunters’ archives. From the Bay of Fangs is the collection of these recordings and illustrations. The first season features ten reports written in the first 40 years of the Age of Starsteel, which started with Fenblith’s discovery of its world-changing deposit. 


Sit back, relax, and let the Hunters of Fenblith take care of the Beasts for you.

101. Final Flight

Join Brother Gilbert as he is selected by the legendary Speaker Margaret for the first official Hunt against Greywing, a flying Beast terrorising Fenblith.

Written in 5 A.S.



Released on March 21st, 2024.

Hunting Darkness: Greywing’s assault on the ship in the Bay of Fangs, as described in From the Bay of Fangs episode Final Flight.

102. Outstretched Hands

Join Adept Mahala as she leads her squad to Mellsciff, the first town to send for the Hunters of Fenblith after two of its Foragers disappeared.

Written in 8 A.S.



Released on March 28th, 2024

Hunting Darkness: The marked trees near Mellsciff, as described in From the Bay of Fangs episode Outstretched Hands.

103. In the Muck

Join Brother Henry as he follows his Master into the peat bog of Ditmus to find the elusive Muck Toads, all with two young Novices in tow.

Written in 12 A.S.



Released on April 4th, 2024

Hunting Darkness: Henry awaiting his Novices Abigail and Fred in the peat bog of Ditmus, as described in From the Bay of Fangs episode In the Muck.

104. Knock Knock

Join Sister Ruth as she and her squad descend into Gladill’s Mine 4 to kill the Beast that has caused the death of several Miners. 

Written in 17 A.S.



Released on April 11th, 2024

105. Again, Again, Again

Join Felicia as she sneaks out of Gettildow to test a brand new firearm prototype deep within the forest.

Written in 22 A.S.



Released on April 18th, 2024

106. On Rising Tides

Join Master Ophelia as she orchestrates and leads the seaborne Hunt for Bitanling, the legendary shipwrecking Beast.

Written in 27 A.S.



Released on April 25th, 2024

107. Where There's a Will

Join Brother Austin as he and his squad help protect the construction of a brand new canal outside Serncar from encroaching Beasts.

Written in 28 A.S.



Release on May 2nd, 2024

108. Blood and Brine

Join Novice Nnamdi as a mishap during training leads him to end up injured and alone on a rainy beach outside Silwan.

Written in 32 A.S.



Released on May 9th, 2024

109. Locked In

Join Brother Leroy as he and his leaderless squad scramble to defend their new headquarters in Nescetan from a horde of Beasts.

Written in 37 A.S.



Released on May 16th, 2024

110. Dark Chalk

Join Master Elisha as they try to ensure the Hunters and Traders under their watch survive the night they are forced to spend in a cave belonging to Darkhearts.

Written in 43 A.S.



Released on May 23rd, 2024

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